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Integration of AboveGEM’s Back Office System and Naxum’s Online Marketing Platform that helps sales reps of direct selling better manage and grow their teams

AboveGEM Inc., a leading developer of direct selling software solutions for multinational companies, announced today the completion of its integration with Naxum Online Marketing Services, LLC, a company that specializes in turn-key marketing platform for direct selling participants. The completed system allows the sales rep to seamlessly connect to the …

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Cryptocurrencies, eCommerce and Complan

Despite many advantages of cryptocurrencies, we believe that settlement of online purchases in cryptocurrencies has not yet matured. Cryptocurrencies can be one of the payment methods, but not the primary one. Rather, cryptocurrencies will be best suited for reward or compensation distribution. If you have interest in the cryptocurrencies subject, …

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Interesting in Initial Coin Offering (ICO)?

For those who are interesting in introducing ICO into the direct selling model, you can read this article for a quick summary of ICO. AboveGEM is proud of our knowledge and experience in creating smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain platform.

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Mark The Day

Today is special for AboveGEM Inc. As a young software company to the network marketing and direct selling industry, we traveled a long way. It was six years ago we developed our first generation software. At the time, we only had a team of less than ten people. Over years, …

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Message to the Direct Selling Entrepreneurs

Everyone has already told you how crucial the software is for a direct selling business. Everyone probably has also told you how complicated the compensation plan can be. Do not let these words dent your confidence! At AboveGEM, we believe that it is our responsibility to create software that makes …