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Mark The Day

Today is special for AboveGEM Inc. As a young software company to the network marketing and direct selling industry, we traveled a long way. It was six years ago we developed our first generation software. At the time, we only had a team of less than ten people. Over years, this core team, all from famous software companies in Silicon Valley, such as Google, Yahoo, and SAP, established the technical foundation and creative culture. Now our developers and customer services are world-wide and provide round-the-clock support to our clients.

No one believed us at the beginning. How can a software company without industry experience survive? They were wrong. Not only we prospered, we also proved that AboveGEM can do things other software companies cannot do. As an example, we acquired several clients that other software companies cannot support. We proudly announce that today they all are very happy with our services.

So what makes AboveGEM different? I think it’s the relentless pursue of the efficient and intelligent platform that drives the passion and enthusiasm. The business challenge never stops. Thus, the system cannot stand still. It must be flexible, adaptable, and scalable. More important, the creators of the system must be ready to embrace new concepts and not to afraid to challenge the status quo.

Two months ago, we released our latest platform “Lightening”. It is so innovative that our system truly becomes modularized. Not only it becomes easier to program and scale the system, our customers now have the options to select features and functions as they grow. In addition, each module provides the interface for clients to config according to their needs. This empowers our clients and reduce overhead for AboveGEM.

Today is just the start of a new journey for AboveGEM. Our mission is to empower clients with innovative solutions. Since innovation never stops, AboveGEM will never stops strive for success!

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