eGEM™ is architected and designed specifically for small or medium sized businesses and start-ups. The platform is built with modern technology stack and under the service-oriented architecture (SOA) framework. Business functions of Direct Selling are defined and grouped into many service modules. Every stand-alone eGEM™ module can be independently managed and configured. When assembled together, these service modules interact. New module or function can be easily and timely added. Overall, the implementation of SOA results in high level of flexibility and improves development efficiency. This architecture also directly benefits customers because now they can pay as they grow.

The core of eGEM™ is the Standard Package, which starts at $10,000. It includes the key business components and optional features to launch your direct selling, party plan or MLM operations, and is a great platform for small or medium sized company.

If you are a startup company and with limited budge, please contact us for the value-packed Basic option. For more questions, or your business model requires more advanced functions and features, please feel free to contact us.