AboveGEM Inc.
AboveGEM Inc.

Manage and Grow Your Direct Selling Business

With Our Complete Suites of Solutions

  • Standard Solution
  • Elite Solution
  • Stand-alone Modules

Enhance your solution
with our high-performance stand-alone modules

Compensation Management

Fully customizable and allows genealogies and commissions to be instantly and endlessly reconfigured

Business Intelligence

Generates easy-to-view reports from real-time data, enabling you to analyze and detect trends in your business

Accounting Management

Streamline the accounting process with integrated solutions linking online/offline/phone/POS orders

Supply Chain Management

Enable fluid movements that store, locate, package, and ship items in synchronization.


AboveGEM is your strategic partner in the direct selling industry. We offer comprehensive
software solutions tailoring to your needs to enhance your productivity. Our solutions are
flexible and scalable, offering unlimited possibilities.

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