We create software that improves the success and performance of the sales force.

Making it easier for them to sell more, engage new recruits, and grow their business.


AboveGEM system is built on top of open source software, the foundation that powers the infrastructure of company like Google, Facebook, Amazon, Twitter, Uber, and Yahoo. We specialize in engineering the effective solutions and accelerating the growth of our clients.

Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, AboveGEM is connected with talented engineering resources. Our team members are from reputable technology companies and passionate of creating innovative solutions.

Below are highlights of our technology features:

  • Microservices architecture that provides independent scalability and flexibility on the individual service level, and overall fault tolerance and system integrity
  • Full set of restful APIs to allow our customers to retrieve and modify data, generate reports, and create third party applications if needed
  • Technology stacks that designed for quick deployment and ease of management