Posted on: February 7, 2018 Posted by: Oliver Wang Comments: 0

Cloud Services for Direct Selling, Network Marketing and Party Plan Companies

Cloud solution is a popular term and many software vendors use it as a marketing tool to attract customers. But why does cloud solution matter to a direct selling company, and, more importantly, what benefits does it bring?

Let’s begin with the definition of private cloud and public cloud. Private cloud resides within a controlled network maintained by the software vendor or the company’s internal IT. The infrastructure, access, and hardware all belong to the company. Public cloud, on the other hand, is a multi-tenant infrastructure in which hardware and access are shared among multiple companies. As computer systems become more sophisticated and integrated, it is no surprise to see the migration into the shared public cloud environment.

As a direct selling, party planning, or network marketing company, what do these companies get from the cloud services? Most current software vendors provide private or some kind of hybrid cloud service. This is because individual system is easier to maintain. Another fact is that the majority of direct selling, network marketing and party plan companies have unique requirements. A less capable system will have difficulties supporting multiple companies on shared infrastructure. The biggest drawback of private cloud is that, as the private cloud grows, the cost for the software vendor to support grows proportionally, if not exponentially.

The true public cloud environment is very difficult to achieve. It does not mean simply putting all servers in the public data center, but rather the software system must be agile and scalable to accommodate the public cloud infrastructure. Many successful technology companies, including Amazon and Netflix, have built their system based upon Mircoservices Architecture (MSA). This is the future of computer system design. It is very easy to visualize the benefits of MSA, because the high reusability of micorservices, the cost of maintenance decreases as system gets more complicated and overall system is more flexible and adaptable.

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