You can configure and add more countries as your business grow. Each country includes the following features:

  • Up to three languages can be activated/added
  • New display format of numbers and currency
  • Sales currency
  • Products
  • Available payment gateway
  • Commission currency and exchange rate if applicable
  • Sales tax
  • Shipping calculator
  • Shipping tax
Configuration and settings are performed via the admin interface. Any additional requests, such as 3rd-party integration, will be subject to additional fees.


Mobile App


Includes all the functions of the web version. Additional mobile native features also increase productivity of the salesforce.

Auto renewal


Automatically bill future Backoffice access/membership fee for no lapsed services.

Address Validation


Address autocomplete and validation for greater accuracy.

Advanced Dashboard


Advanced rank qualification, commission status, front-line inactivity warning.

Customer Referrals


Share products to social media portals such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Guest Purchase and Registration


Simply select products and enter shipping information for the fast purchase.

Genealogy View


Graphic genealogy view

Party Plan


Party plan allows distributor, customer or their friend who doesn't have a profile in the system to create an online party to increase salesforce and get related rewards.

Promotion Management


A discount setting for a certain promotion period or for a certain user.



Holds the commissions earned in company's account. Redeem via direct pay, order or auto ship.

Upgrade Profile


Upgrade retail/preferred customer to distributor in the Back Office

Downgrade Profile


Automatic downgrade distributor to a preferred customer or retail customer in the event of inactivity

Gift Certificate


Buy gift card and share them with friends and people you love

Avalara Integration


Integration with Avalara

Hyperwallet / Propay Intergration


Integration with Hyperwallet / Propay to enable easy wallet payout

Upgrade Pack


The distributor can upgrade from the current rank to a higher tier rank upon purchase

Starter Pack


The distributor can advance to the associated rank upon purchase

Distributor Privacy Protection


Protect user's privacy and company's private information



Allows user save products for future purchase